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Welcome all to the website about HispaBrick Magazine®. Here you can find news and information related to this magazine, published in Spanish and in English, about the world of LEGO® bricks.

Forthose who do not know it yet, the magazine can be downloaded as a PDF file from the links provided under downloads. If you prefer, you can also get a printed version through bubok. You will only pay printing and shipping costs as this is a non-profit publication.

HispaBrick Magazine started in 2008 as an initiative of some Spanish AFOLs in order to preserve the best MOCs and articles that were published in their community for ‘posterity’. In addition to the warm welcome from Spanish speaking AFOLs, it soon became clear that there was much interest from people who did not read that language. The second edition of the magazine already contained a number of articles in both Spanish and English and as of issue 003, HispaBrick Magazine has been published in two editions of identical content, one in Spanish and one in English. Continue Reading →…


5 Apr 2017, Springfield News
By: Emma Caitlyn



Camira student Isabella with her prize-winning Lego Friends plant nursery design.

 ISABELLA  has been blitzing Lego competitions since she was just 4 years old, but she says her latest win is her best design.

The grade three Camira student was last week named runner-up in the national Lego Friends designer competition for her plant nursery construction.

“I had been encouraging my mother to buy me some plants, so I decided I wanted to build a mixture between a greenhouse and nursery,” Isabella said of her inspiration.

Luckily, her Lego-land fared better than some of the real flowers she planted in a wheelbarrow at home.

By expertly constructing a hinged roof on the greenhouse, Isabella was able to create a shop corner and rows of Lego flowers inside. Outside, birds are in wheelbarrows and barrels full of carrots.



With “only a tiny bit of help” from Lego-loving dad Carlo, who owns Bricks 4 Kidz Springfield, Isabella knocked the entire thing together two days before entries closed.

And while she was stoked to come second, the eight-year-old said the circus design she was dreaming up would be next year’s sure winner.

Dad:  We are super proud of Isabella.  She is an exceptional Lego builder, very creative and knows what she wants.  The only help she asked for was to find a few specific Lego pieces in particular colours and help with submitting her entry online for the world “LEGO friends designer” competition.

Five SUPER FUN Ways to Create Learning Moments inspired by LEGO® Batman

Five SUPER FUN Ways to Create Learning Moments inspired by LEGO® Batman

It’s no surprise that we absolutely love the new LEGO® Batman movie and we’re looking forward to creating some fun inspired by it. But do you know why we use fun themes?  Fun themes create awesome springboards for learning moments.

Such learning moments are vital in a child’s development.  In a recent article, Maryellen Weimer, PhD describes the learning moment as “a moment of insight, often a possibility or explanation that had never crossed their minds, or a set of ideas that come together and create a new perspective on a familiar issue.”  It’s the “Ah ha” moment.  And we can create opportunities for these moments by connecting fun + learning!

We have a few ideas on how the LEGO® Batman movie can inspire learning moments at home. Continue Reading →…

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks @ the Ipswich Art Gallery

 This Easter, we are giving away a Family pass with each whole day booking:

  Bicks4KidzBrisbane-Springfield    Bricks-4-Kidz-Brisbane-Springfield-Club-workshops-with-LEGO-Brik-Briks-Duplo-Book-Now

Be inspired by Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks, an exhibition where architecture meets creative play.

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO Bricks Awesome Holiday program Easter Ipswich Art Gallery Bricks4Kidz kidsTwelve iconic mega towers from Australian and Asian cities have been astonishingly replicated at 1:200 scale using only Lego® bricks. Get up close to Brisbane’s own Infinity Tower, the Gold Coast’s Q1, Melbourne’s Eureka Tower and the Sydney Tower. Amongst the international towers are Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers and China’s tallest building, Shanghai Tower.

Explore the line-up of astonishing scale-model constructions by Ryan McNaught, one of only 12 LEGO® Certified Professionals worldwide. Continue Reading →…

9 WAYS playing with LEGO® assists your CHILD’S DEVELOPMENT

  • Playing with LEGO® is a CHALLENGE for children (and for adults!)
  • Building with LEGO® helps a child’s brain to PROCESS and ASSIMILATE INFORMATION
  • Building and creating things with LEGO® aids in the growth of CREATIVE STANDARDS
  • Kids develop a sense of ownership of their own creations, building SELF-CONFIDENCE

Continue Reading →…

Lego-compatible tape sticks your bricks to almost anything

Break free from the restraints of gravity with flexible Lego-compatible tape that can stick to walls, toys and curved surfaces.

Bend it like Nimuno Loops.nimumo-lego-cnn

Lego fans are a creative bunch who know how to take those squared-off bricks and turn them into creations that expand outside the lines. The Nimuno Loops project on Indiegogo wants to put Lego blocks in all sorts of exciting places with a flexible Lego-compatible adhesive tape.


It’s easy to see the allure of Nimuno Loops and their ability to connect your Lego pieces to walls, appliances, toys or even ceilings. The tape can be cut, bent, lifted up and repositioned. It will be interesting to see how well the adhesive holds up over time and through multiple sticks and re-sticks. Continue Reading →…

Tips for supporting your child with their homework during school

Bricks-4-Kidz-Brisbane-workshops-with-LEGOAs kids gets older, they gain more responsibility at school and at home. You’ve probably already begun this process by assigning them simple tasks around the house, such as picking up toys, making their own beds and feeding the pets. Now that school has started, your elementary school student may be bringing home homework for the first time. Since homework will be their reality for years to come, it’s smart to set up good habits now.

Embrace the enthusiasm: It doesn’t happen with every kid, but for some, this big-kid task is an exciting shift in status, especially if they have older siblings. Praise them for having a good attitude and for getting right to work. For good measure, “gossip” with your spouse or a family member about your child’s strong start. Continue Reading →…

Launching our amazing April School Holiday Workshops with LEGO®! in Brisbane: Taringa, Mt. Ommaney & Springfield:

Advanced and Junior Robotics or be inspired by the new LEGO® Batman Movie with our Bat League Technic and Creator Workshop.

Awesome Robotics workshops with introductory Coding, PLUS fun workshops with themes inspired by the LEGO® Batman Movie, Mining & Crafting and Ninjas, and MORE!

Starting 3 April and running until 16 April in three locations: Taringa, Mt. Ommaney & Springfield.  Come BUILD with us! We’d love to see you!


On Marts 2, 2017
RTL4 Late Night Show ran a special about Ed Sheeran. As Ed is a LEGO fan, reporter Lauren Fabels invited Dirk Denoyelle and Amazings to create “something” for Ed with LEGO bricks.
Everybody loved the mosaic (96 x 96 nops, for the incrowd). In less than 2 days the mosaic was built, involving about all Amazings co-workers at some point. The mosaic is a sort of combination of Ed’s face and the cover of his latest album “Divide”. RTL Late Night is presented by the very charming Humberto Tan. Also Dutch Celebraty Yolanthe was at the table. Check out Amazings at

Lego-based play therapy could help children with autism develop social skills

Author: Jane Kirby, 25 February 2017

Lego (Getty Images)

Lego (Getty Images)

EXPERTS are looking to play therapy using Lego to help children with autism develop their social skills.

A new study at the University of York will use Lego in small groups to help children with autism refine interaction skills and express themselves through play.

Lego-based therapies were developed in America but are now used around the world as a recognised practice.

It’s estimated that about one in every 100 people in the UK has autism, and currently, more boys are diagnosed with the condition than girls are.

Continue Reading →…

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